Cuilnary Online Course Case Study

Lecrea is a leading culinary academy that teaches world-class chefs and provides hands-on training on how to cook sous vide with on-site training and online courses.

Technologies: Python, Django, API, Shopify, Docker

Industry: Education & SaaS

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cuilnary course casestudy


lecrea culinary academy wants to develop and update web app with ERP system and move to other hosting due to deployment issues. So we have partnered with the company to update this web app. We will handle future updates, maintenance, and deployment issues with these websites.

  • User can register for courses
  • Implement courses module to view the course details
  • Implement courses panel for users
  • Implement ecommerce feature to sell related products
  • Clean and outstanding User Interface
  • It will be multilanguage web app
  • Solve the deployment problems and migrate to another host

Implementation Plan About Culinary online course web app

Our team explores the important points on this web app related to your education and e-commerce business. If the client approves all the features and design, we develop the web app.

These are some solutions that we deliver:

Solutions About Lecrea Culinary Course web app

  • Our team implemented register and login feature to view courses
  • Our team implemented the courses module to view course details and filter by price and rating
  • Our team implemented an analytics dashboard for users to view each course's progress and each quiz scores
  • We implemented an e-commerce feature with an integrated third-party Shopify platform to sell related products
  • We resolve deployment issues and migrate to another host with a clean and stunning user interface
cuilnary course casestudy
cuilnary course casestudy
cuilnary course casestudy
cuilnary course casestudy

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